Doris Heinrichs | Psychotherapist, RN MEd | Philosophy of Counseling

Clinical Consultation

Doris is an approved EMDR Consultant, qualified to assist trained therapists in achieving certification status and/or to support clinicians looking to deepen their therapeutic skills. With her sensorimotor background Doris highlights the somatic component which is integral to both EMDR as well as to other forms of therapeutic interventions.

She also offers individual or group clinical consultation, workshops and retreats as requested. In keeping with supporting clinicians in doing the work of psychotherapy, Doris offers 2-4 day silent retreats which are structured to enhance inner reflection within a small group context.

For newer therapists: in addition to case conceptualization, learn how to organize intake information, to prioritize therapeutic interventions & to identify the essentials of psychoeducation applicable to most clients.

First Nations

Doris is an approved service provider with Health Canada and as such is able to provide up to 20 hours of funded therapy for First Nations and Inuit clients. Clients can access this opportunity directly by contacting Doris’s office.


Doris is gay-positive, race- and religion-sensitive but neutral.